Commercial Litigation & Transactional Testimonials

I came to you as a minority shareholder of a successful Midtown Manhattan Restaurant.  At the time my partner was attempting to push me out and use the corporation for his own benefit.  With the help of your aggressive and tenacious litigation strategies and tireless efforts I now am the owner of 100% of the business.  I could not have done it without you.

-D.P. Y.

Thank you for your years of service to my family and our businesses.  During the course of litigating our trademark, business products and breach of confidentiality litigations you have shown why you are the best.  We were successful in all areas and we could not have done it without you.  

-A. S.

When the Bay Ridge Jewish Center was selling our real estate and the purchaser attempted to cancel the contract your intense representation during the litigation from beginning to end was priceless.  You were successful in protecting our interests and getting the down payment released.  You made our jobs as trustees much easier because we knew you would do whatever it took to be successful.

-H. K.

When I received the summons and complaint for a lawsuit form my former business associate I was extremely nervous.  No one likes being sued, but after meeting with you and watching you take the case apart, piece by piece, and ultimately getting the entire matter dismissed I knew I had made the right choice.  Thank you for all your hard work.  I will never forget it.

-E. B.

Only you could get me through ten years of litigation with my landlord.  Not only did you battle the landlord on every front but in the end I was able to operate my sports bar and restaurant for ten years without paying rent.  I still don’t know how you did it, but I am forever grateful.

-M. B.

After almost thirty years as an owner of an auto repair business in Manhattan I thought my business had come to an end when the landlord attempted to push me out to make way for a new development in West Chelsea.  Thanks to you I was able to remain in business for five additional years and make my transition to a new business smooth.  I owe it all to you.  Thanks

-A. B.

When a fire ravaged my bar and restaurant, the insurance company was reluctant to pay a fair amount for the damages.  Well, after you got through litigating with them they offered dollar for dollar for everything in the place.  You did a great job.

-L. C.

As a property owner we are often dealing with difficult tenants and during the course of our lawsuit against a commercial tenant you were able to defeat every claim they made, forced them to comply with the lease terms and pay for all rent, real estate taxes and legal fees.  It was a miracle.  Thanks.

-E. E.

I don’t know how to thank you.  You have saved my family and me on many occasions and I am grateful.  Your guidance and understanding of the legal system has been invaluable.  During the several litigations my family has been involved with you have not only been a great attorney but a true friend. 

-P. F.

In the course of the two lawsuits you handled for me you I was extremely impressed with your loyalty, intelligence and honesty.  I slept easy knowing that you were on the case and I knew that it would be handled properly.  With the dismissal of one matter and a very favorable settlement in the other your skills really showed through thanks.

-R. S.

Unfortunately I was a minority shareholder in a restaurant that was sued by a supplier.  Your successful defense of the matter for me over the course of five years was remarkable and I will always be thankful for your help.

-J. F.

When my family needed you the most, your litigating skills were extraordinary.  You fought a valiant fight and overcame severe obstacles to defend us.  You were magnificent and we would have been crushed without you.  You are a friend first and great attorney second.

-J. M.

For over twenty years you have handled many complex and difficult matters for me and I don’t know of anyone else who could have been as successful as you.  You were there for every battle, big or small, and never wavered.  I owe all my success to you.  Thanks.

-E. S.

Thank you for your aggressive and diligent representation of my partners and me in a very tough lawsuit involving a real estate investment.  You have shown incredible skill and honesty throughout the case and we are extremely pleased with the results.

-A. G.


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