Personal Injury Testimonials

As a result of my accident I was rendered totally disabled and was staring at a lifetime of misery.  Thanks to you I was able to receive a large recovery and it helped me resurrect some of the things I was missing.  More importantly was the close personal relationship we built together. You were there every step of the way to guide my family and me through a difficult time.  I was approached by several large personal injury firms to take my case, however I knew no one could match the skill and attention I got from you.

-J. F.


After my motorcycle accident you were there to walk me through every aspect of the recovery.  Although the case presented very difficult facts your skill and personal attention was key in getting a huge recovery. Thanks for your efforts, it will never be forgotten

-E. K.


Thank you for your extraordinary work on my car accident case. After being hit from behind my back and knee injuries were life changing. I really appreciate the personal attention you gave to my wife and I and your attention to details was the key to a very successful recovery. The money was important, but getting to know you and knowing that you were there to fight for me was more important.

-E. M.


You saved my life. The day I was hit by a car and required surgery on my leg was the lowest point I had ever experienced. You helped turn everything around. From the moment you started working on my case to the time that I received the large settlement check I knew I was in good hands. You guided me through each and every stage of the litigation process and made me comfortable with telling my story. Thank you

-F. Y.


Thank you for everything you have done for my family since the terrible accident to my husband. Not only were you there as the best attorney I know, but you were there as a friend and personal guide through a very difficult experience. I will never forget what you did for us.

-D. B.


After tripping in the street you really showed the skills and abilities needed to turn the case around and achieve an extremely generous settlement for me. I especially appreciate the fact that you were always available to answer all my questions and help me through the legal process. Thank you.

-N. R.


When my wife was hit by a car while crossing 11th street in New York City we were intimidated by the insurance company and fearful of a lawsuit. You made us feel comfortable and helped us through the difficult and complex case. We were extremely happy with the settlement and even happier with the relationship we built with you. Your hands on approach to the case made all the difference in the world.

-M. M.


The first and only time I was involved in a lawsuit was when I was injured on the water slide at Great Adventure Hurricane Harbor. I will always be grateful for the way you handled the unique aspects of my case. Without your assistance I don’t think we would have had the same success. I was thrilled with my recovery. Thank you.

-B. G.


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